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Stunning, Affordable Rooms Near LRT in Kuala Lumpur? Utopia Has Everything You Need

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

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Finding affordable places to rent in Kuala Lumpur can sometimes be a needle in a haystack situation. If you still haven’t found your dream room, try Utopia Co-Living.

This name can be familiar to a few but remains unknown to some. In Malaysia, Utopia Co-Living provides stunning rental rooms all over Kuala Lumpur, located in the heart of KL’s main attractions.

If you want a high standard of living with an economical package, Utopia Co-Living is worth checking out.

1.0 Who Is Utopia?

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The Brains and Beauty Behind Utopia Co-Living

Before diving right into the stunning spaces this room rental operator has, let’s get to know Utopia first.

Founded back in 2014, they aspire to provide comfortable, secured living places for millennials and professionals who are looking for a long-term stay while working in Kuala Lumpur.

As they have managed over 3200 tenants, Utopia realizes that everyone has their own preferences - you can rent a good room but it’s a bad working space. Some can be bored to death, living in the same room for years.

Sometimes, you just want a clean space with minimalistic decorations.

So, Utopia decided to step up and be your one-stop solution in your search for the best room rental provider in Kuala Lumpur.

2.0 Strategic Locations To Rent Around Kuala Lumpur

As promised, let’s see the stunning rooms that Utopia has in store! From over 1000 rooms, this rental operator promises a better renting experience as their rental units are located in Kuala Lumpur’s most insta-worthy hotspots, which are near to many metro stations like KTM, Monorail and LRT.

2.1 KLCC, the Best Place to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

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Undoubtedly, KLCC is the hottest spot to stay in Kuala Lumpur. Utopia’s rental rooms are within 5 minutes walk to KLCC, and minutes away from LRT. As KLCC is unquestionably the best place to live, work and play, you can check Utopia Co-Living out especially if you’re looking for a place to stay, here in the vicinity of contemporary Kuala Lumpur.

2.2 PWTC Putra, 60 Seconds Away From Sunway Putra Mall

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PWTC or the areas of Sunway Putra are said to be one of Utopia’s most popular locations. A great advantage of this particular location is the close proximity to Sunway Putra Mall and high connectivity to 3 major train lines; KTM Putra, LRT PWTC and Monorail Chow Kit. Also, Utopia regards this area as a special one as it houses its very own free co-working space for tenants. It surely is Utopian's most preferred choice of location to stay.

2.3 Pavilion KL: Malaysia’s Award-Winning Shopping Destination

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Utopia also provides rooms for you to rent in this location - it’s minutes away from Pavilion Shopping district, MRT and monorail. Amid the many familiar international brands, there are some cheap and good variety of local options you can choose from, apart from the excellent food court in the shopping mall’s basement. As Pavilion sets the gold standard in KL's shopping scene, the rooms here are very limited, so hurry up and get in touch with Utopia Co-Living if this area is your dream place to be.

2.4 Bukit Bintang, the Heart & Soul of Kuala Lumpur’s Nightlife

bukit bintang, nighlife, chowkit malaysia, kuala lumpur, KL golden triangle and a bedroom spacious affordable room to rent, condominium, apartment, security modern clean room to rent

If you’re up to living in the heart of modern Kuala Lumpur, then this is definitely the place to be. From amazing cafes to thrilling nightlife, Utopia’s rental rooms in Bukit Bintang are suitable for those who want to stay and enjoy every beating seconds of KL. The location is smacked in between Pavillion district and Bukit Ceylon and it’s near Changkat, one of the most happening clubbing areas and dining strips of Kuala Lumpur. Absolutely convenient if you love to explore and wander around in the centre of KL's Golden Triangle.

2.5 KL Sentral, Malaysia’s Largest Transportation Hub

room to rent in KL Sentral, kuala lumpur, malaysia, big room, clean, modern, study table, desk, chair, bedsheet, spacious, minimalistic decoration

If you’re an avid commuter in Malaysia, you’d already know that KL Sentral is KL's largest transportation hub. This location is certainly most strategic for those that rely heavily on public transportation to get to work. Also known as Stesen Sentral, this location is Kuala Lumpur’s integrated rail transportation centre, offering local to global connectivity. Thinking about where to shop? Don’t worry because there’s NU Sentral, the latest trendy eight-storey shopping mall in the ever-bustling Kuala Lumpur.

3.0 Utopia’s Special Features (You Can’t Find It


3.1 Free Daily Cleaning, So You Just Sit Back & Relax

a person wearing gloves holding a spray bottle to clean surface, clean house daily, clean mirrors, tables, surfaces, windows

You love clean spaces but no time to actually do it?

Well, Utopia knows that - so no more worries about dirty toilets, unwashed dishes, leaking air-conditioner and faulty light bulbs. Leave it to Utopia to do all the cleaning and repairs!

3.2 Free Room Switching To Keep You Out Of Boredom

man, male wearing winter clothes, sweater carrying boxes move in and move out to new location, move out to new room, walking

This is absolutely one of the out-of-the-world features that Utopia has - free room-switching.

Yes, Utopia knows us too well - some of us might be bored staying at one place for too long, so they came up with a genius solution, just for free.

3.3 You’re A Muslimah? Utopia Has Female Units Just For You

only-girls, female-only housemate, female-only house in kuala lumpur, malaysia, girls room only, muslimah friendly, cartoon girls, all female, surprise, welcome new friend, housemate in bedroom

Staying in a mixed-gender house sounds like a horrifying idea to you?

Utopia got that covered too - there are female-only units in Kuala Lumpur for you to rent, so you can live comfortably.

Most importantly, you’re free from any manly individuals.

4.0 Affordable Prices You Must Not Miss

Utopia promises to keep prices affordable while maintaining high standards of living. So, you can leave the dirty work to them and just focus on doing the things that are important.

4.1 100% Zero Deposit - The First In Kuala Lumpur

Utopia lets you save up your hard-earned money on things that matter, that’s why they’ve come up with Kuala Lumpur's first zero deposit program.

4.2 Individual Utility Bills (Yup, No More Unfair Bill Splitting)

Unfair splitting of utility bills has always been a nightmare. Renting with Utopia will guarantee you deep sleep and sweet dreams because you only pay for what you use!

4.3 Rent Stunning Rooms From RM550! (And Get Free Wi-fi!)

Unable to commit to a 2-year internet contract? Not a problem because Utopia provides up to 500 Mbps of free Wi-Fi for you to enjoy.

Experience Worry-Free Living With Utopia Today

Utopia co-living pillow in a modern, luxurious room in malaysia, kuala lumpur, rental room with desk and study table, chair affordable room to rent in KL, red vampire sofa

All things considered, Utopia Co-Living is definitely one of the go-to agencies if you’re looking for a place to rent in KL.

If this is your first-time renting, Utopia can be your best bet.

If you have an interest in mind but are still unsure, feel free to check Utopia’s website, Facebook page and Instagram.



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