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5 Best Ways to Decorate a Minimalist Styled Room in 2021

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Renting a room for yourself seems like the best choice when it comes to living in the city. But the thing about room renting is that sometimes, we are very limited with how we are able to decorate our room the way we want it since the rooms are practically not ours.

Sure, we can decorate it but it is super limited. For instance, wall decorations, paintings, flooring and many more. As we all might experience before, our style might not be the same as someone else’s which goes both ways.

Thus, for room renters, who are planning to decorate their room without damaging the walls or floors, maybe a minimalist style of room decorations might be the best for you!

A minimalist styled room is basically when you are doing simple decorations that are not too much yet very stylish. Minimalist style has become popular in this modern era. People no longer like too cramped decorations in their houses.

This is why minimalist style rooms will be the best decorations at the moment.

There are multiple ways to make your rented room look minimalist without any fixed decorations that might ruin the walls or floor.

  1. Use pictures with minimal art

  2. Add fairy lights to add some magical sense

  3. Don’t use too many accessories

  4. Rearrange your furniture

  5. Always to the size of your room

1. Use pictures with minimal art

Framed pictures or art are usually very popular when it comes to wall decorations. Wall decoration is needed to add some accent to the wall which will make the room more cosy and interesting

But finding the right picture to use is very hard sometimes.

The thing about having minimalist decoration in your bedroom is that you will need to use modern art for your pictures on the wall.

Minimal and modern art like green leaves, flowers, quotes, or any structured lines is perfect for minimalist room decorations.

It might seem odd to have very minimal art on a canvas and framed it above your bed, but when you have the ideal structure of your room.

Framed pictures are used to make walls look more modern and add a pop of colour, especially for plain white walls.

Since we are heading towards minimalist styled room decorations, the framed pictures need to be very modern and simple.

Fortunately, these styles of paintings are very easy to find in online stores like Shopee and Lazada.

If you don't trust online shopping, these items can also be found in malls like Kaison and Mr DIY which are very popular nowadays.

2. Add fairy lights to add some magical sense

Fairy lights are very magical looking. If you're a girl and you like a little bit of magic, fairy lights will satisfy you.

Fairy lights, especially in Malaysia are usually known to be colourful and lively. They are mostly used during celebrations like Eids, Chinese New Year or Deepavali.

However, fairy lights are now known for interior design. The difference when it was used for exterior design is their colour.

When using outside, the choices of colours are usually multiple which are very bright and colourful.

But when they are used inside, they are more subtle and calm as the colours are mostly white or light yellow.

Not to mention that nowadays fairy lights could be found anywhere. even online stores like shopee, Lazada and many more.

This is why it is very much perfect for a minimalist styled room, very much like this one.

Pretty bedroom with fairy lights alongside simple minimalist deocrations.

3. Don’t use too many accessories

The thing about decorating rooms is that we tend to get overboard with the decorations. This is mostly innocent since it was for a good cause.

However, having crowded rooms filled with multiple decorations might be too overwhelming.

It would also make your room look messy and unorganized which is the opposite of what we want.

Minimalist style rooms are based on minimal decorations that are cheap but look very modern like.

Thus, you don’t have to overdo your decorations with multiple stuff like paper garlands, dream catchers or even polaroids.

Although having this stuff might make your room look pretty, it will make your room look over decorated especially if you have a small room.

Instead, just put up a small metal grid on your bedside table, or on your desk to put up your pictures instead of lining up your polaroids all over your wall.

With these small decors, you will have the ideal minimalist style bedroom that you’d want.

4. Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes when you want to start decorating, you have to start with rearranging your furniture. By doing this, you will have a better look at how you will start decorating your room.

So, by rearranging your furniture, you will know what to add to your bedroom to have that aesthetic look of minimalist style.

For example, changing the position of your bed, your closet and maybe even your desk.

By rearranging this furniture, you might have a better idea of how to decorate your room to be the ideal minimalist style bedroom that you’d want.

Plus, you might feel there is more space and your room will look bigger.

On the other hand, sometimes when you’ve rearranged your furniture, it’ll give that fresh feeling.

As if you’re different in some way. It is a really healthy way for you when you feel like you need a new start.

Also, people often find stuff and furniture that they no longer need when they start moving some things around.

This will result in you throwing away un-useful stuff and preventing you from hoarding old items.

Therefore rearranging your room is one of the best ways to start decorating a minimalist styled room.

5. Always know the size of your room

Some people are blessed with big rooms. But only you can determine either your room is big or small.

There is nothing wrong with having small rooms as long as you know how to decorate it to make it look spacious and not crowded.

By knowing the size, you will know what will fit and what will not when it comes to furnishing your bedroom. Sometimes, when going furniture shopping, we tend to be unprepared and just buy stuff that we think will make our room look good.

But in reality, you need to have a clear mind of what exactly you need to fit it in your room.

Most people immediately buy furniture and when they got home, the furniture doesn't fit and it will cause problems like refund and others.

do's and don't for room decor

As for people who are renting rooms, sometimes having the ideal bedroom size might be a problem as you get what you asked but even in this modern world today, we just settled with what we were offered.

However, if you are still on the hunt for an ideal size room to rent and stay in, Utopia Co-Living is the solution for you!

Not only it have multiples sizes rooms for you to choose from, but you can also decorate it any ways you like, especially minimalist style.


Decorating a room is not an easy job. It takes dedication, effort and time. However, you will love the satisfying feeling when you are done with your room decorations.

In Utopia Co-Living, you can always check out how we, ourselves, decorate our rooms in minimalist style ways.



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