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Fun team. Big vision.

Be a Utopian.

Our Mission 

Create worry-free homes where tenants are able to focus on things that matter to them.

Utopia is built around the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy living without worry, do what they want, and be inspired by the community and the people around them.

We strongly believe that quality living should be affordable and accessible to all. 

At Utopia, we continuously empower our people to do more and to go the extra mile. 

We believe.
Home can be rented.

Life can't.


Live your best life.

Work should be part of living. We want everyone at Utopia to be healthy, live well, and have the financial resources & support that they need. 

50% off all accommodations

Medical, Sport & Wellness

Learning & support

Flexible off day

Generous salary revision
2-3 times a year!

Facilities F.O.C
Over 100+ facilities at our coliving!

Our Openings.




Feel free send your info to the number below or submit your application here:
(1) resume,
(2) university transcript,
(3) SPM/STPM result, and/or
(4) any creative portfolio

014 642 9668

Internship with full-time opportunity. 

Looking for an Internship?

Did you know 40% of interns end up working full-time in Utopia? Submit your application here.

Free accomodations

Allowances RM800-RM1,000

014 642 9668

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