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Step-by-Step Guide for First-time Room Renting (Fresh Graduates Please Read!)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Are you a freshly graduated student from Malaysia? If not, you might be someone who just started working but haven't found any place to stay. Well then, you're definitely on the right page!

As a first-time renter, you must be baffled with the amount of actions and procedures you need to go through when renting a place. Confusions and frustrations may eat away your brains if there's no one to give a guide.

But now, worry no more! I'm here to give you a quick stress relief because by the end of this page, you'll have all the answers you need.

Here are the step-by-step guide for first-time renting in Malaysia you must know:

1. Why University Students Need to Appreciate Current Friendships

I'm a fresh graduate! How do I rent a room? What should I do and who should I contact?

Renting a room in Malaysia can be spine-chilling if you're on your own. In this critical time of life, you'd be surprised how a friend can be your life-saving fairy godmother.

This may sound far-fetched but it's true. Once you start working and living on your own, trust me, you’ll need your friends as your housemates.

Unless you don't mind living with a bunch of strangers, then feel free to go on with your life. A pro tip you might want to know; those strangers can be party animals, messy eaters, ignorant simpletons and wanna-be musicians.

After all, adjusting and adapting to new people do cost your time, energy and emotions.

Save some of your time by co-living with your friends and renting the whole house all by yourselves!

For that reason, start appreciating your friends now because they can save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches.

By now you should know how your friends can be your lifesavers after graduation.

They can be that ideal roommates you've been looking for.

2. Job Hunting is Important but Think About Where to Live First

You're months away from graduating and you're starting to look for jobs? Well, that's great! But have you ever taken a step back to think about where to live?

65% of Malaysian graduates don't live with their parents when working and you could be a part of that 65% population. Job hunting is significant but figuring out a place to rent is equally important too.

steps in job seeking and room renting process in malaysia
Easy Steps in Job Seeking and Room Hunting Process

Unless you're planning to stay with your family, figure out your most preferred location to work and live. If working in the urban city is your heart's desire, KL would be the perfect location.

Once the location is decided, room hunting and job search should be done hand-in-hand.

At this rate, start doing your research in places to rent. See and compare the rental prices of a house and a room in your chosen location. As you're a recent graduate, renting an entire house is definitely out of the picture. So, figure out what room size fits your pocket the most.

Along this process, look for your dream job and start get connected with the property agents once you land a job!

Want to know the best place to rent in Kuala Lumpur? Keep your screen time going then!

3. Housemates VS No Housemates

Moving out from the comforts of your bed in your parents' home can be liberating but daunting at the same time. It's the first actual step you have to make to welcome yourself to the world of adulting.

Everyone including me, wishes to live alone comfortably, tucked under the sheets of our beds with zero distractions.

Yet, in the wake of rising living expenses, living alone is a costly choice, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

It's an unrealistic American dream for Malaysian fresh graduates.

So, what can you do?

Start by leaving the thoughts of renting a luxurious studio and be practical.

List down the pros and cons of having housemates; (which I have done for you, thank me later!)

Pros of having housemates

  1. You have company

  2. You have people to split bills with (electricity, water, Wi-Fi, etc.)

  3. You can save your monthly expenses (by taking turns cooking)

Cons of having housemates

  1. Stranger housemates can be noisy, dirty, alcoholic and all things imagined (and unimagined!)

  2. Unfair bill splitting

  3. Living with ghosts (you don't see them and they never care about making interaction)

As you see, there are many things to consider and contemplate.

boy man think, confused about living alone or living with stranger housemates when renting room in a house or shared apartment

Having housemates can be cost-effective only if they care to share kitchen expenses. Some housemates may not even care about cleaning duties. Some other, might even sneak their sweethearts into the house.

Yes, all these happen in Malaysia and is bound to happen to you (so read this guide until the end!)

If that sounds terrifying, reach your circle of friends out and ask them about renting together.

So, figure things out and ask yourself about housemates - how many can you live with and who do you want them to be, friends or strangers? Do you want to live alone in a single room or do you want to share the room with someone else?

4. Muslimah-Friendly and Female-Only Places in KL - Do They Exist?

If you're a fresh female graduate and are finding places to stay in KL, you might be the damsel in distress. If the idea of men and women living together under the same roof sounds disturbing, rest assured. I've got things covered for you.

notice about female only rooms to rent not boys allowed to enter

In Malaysia, not everyone appeals to the thought of a mixed-gender housing. In fact, it's one of a deal breaker for potential tenants like you, especially if you're a Muslim.

60% of people in Malaysia are Muslims, amounting to 19.5 million people but it's so difficult to find female-only rooms or houses. Yup, definitely a real head-scratcher if you ask me.

Like you, this is another problem that I'm aware of. Most landlords and rental property agencies in Malaysia don't provide foolproof female-unit rooms in KL.

Is there any way to spin this situation around? Of course!

You can rent the entire house with your friends! This is a great tip on how to live in a female-only unit in Malaysia, by doing it yourself.

Or, you can keep reading and find out the best places that actually do have female-only rooms in Kuala Lumpur!

5. Never Move In Without Viewing! (Or You'll Regret)

This is the most critical part that few fresh graduates know in room renting - never agree to rent a place without viewing it first!

expectation versus reality rent with strangers dirty kitchen countertop floor messy rubbish leftovers all over the table
Reality of Renting a Shared House


Because I want to protect your delicate hearts from shattering when you first move in and discover the hidden horror;

The place is far from what's been advertised. It's messy, stuffed, and crammed with other people's belongings (aka your stranger housemates).

No more shiny countertops, brand new mattress, and clean floors.

It's a huge letdown and trust me, I don't want you to ever experience it. So take this tip and always view your room beforehand.

Make sure the room you'll rent is in the state you want. This way, you can save all the heartaches and despair.

Most Ideal Place To Rent in Kuala Lumpur in 2021

rent cheap modern rooms in kuala lumpur KL minimalist muslimah female-only room bedroom design ideas bedsheet masterbedroom in malaysia

Today's guide is to give you helpful hacks and handy tips in first-time room renting. Follow the 5 easy steps and you'll be on your way to a worry-free living.

Still wondering where's the best place to rent in Kuala Lumpur?

Try looking up Utopia Co-Living. They're one of the largest, most trusted room rental operators in Malaysia.

4500+ people have rented with Utopia and they have properties all over Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention their zero deposits, female-only units and free-room switching.

Yup, Utopia has everything to offer; it checks out all your needs and it's your dream came true.

Discover more about Utopia on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to not miss any latest updates and promotions (especially if you're looking for a place to rent!)



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