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Transforming your home into high yield room-rental property.

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Our Stories.

What you should know about the current post-pandemic rental market & how to pivot to a better position. 

Current Situation (from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic):

- Hotel Occupancy:  75% --> 15% 

- Hotel (3 Stars) Average Day Rates:  RM180 --> RM65 

- 3-Bed Apartment Monthly Rental:  RM2200 --> RM1200


What is Utopia Transform:

Utopia Transform Plan  Transform  Rent strategy optimises Homes (condominium or landed houses), Hotel, or Shoplot into room rental ready property. 


With over 600 Transformations under the belt, our team are able to implement strategies that will get the most out of your property. 

In additions, with Utopia's advance marketing & sales strategy and 3000-tenants strong referral program, you will also be able to rent out your rooms in no time. 

Returns & ROI:

Utopia Transform focuses on low risk high value investment to elevate property rental return up to 12%. Our partners are also able to recuperate all investments within 2 to 16 months period.  


- Hotel, Shoplot, Condominium & Houses with combined square-footage of 1000sf and above.

- Property that are located at strategic location (preferably walking distance to train station).

What's in the package?

Utopia's secret sauce. 


You will be guided by Utopia's very own Transformation Consultant. We will also have a 1-on-1 tailored coaching session.


Safety always come first! Your homes will be designed with fire compliant material. All homes will also be equipped with fire-safety tools.


With just a click, you can track your tenants payment in a glance. No more manually recording in excel sheets. 


Room rental is not complete without the ability to bill tenant separately. All Utopia's Meter System comes with a 12-Months Guarantee. 


What easier way to share photos and videos? You will receive a customised webpage to showcase your rooms in 360°.


Get connected with our dedicated sales team that has successfully completed more than 7,000 rooms deals. You will be able to hit that 100% occupancy in no-time. 


Our team will get back to you in 1-3 business day.

Cost Estimation


Honest feedback from our partners

Teck Mun, Lim

Owner of 3,300sf Hamshpire Residence. 

Engage Utopia Transform since August 2019.

After my kids moved out from the property on 2016, it has never been tenanted. Luckily my very good friend Jack introduced me to Utopia Transform. I’ve invested around RM40,000 transforming this property, which currently yielding me around RM11,000 per month. I’ve also recommended 2 other owners in the same building to UT. Rather than renting out via traditional agency method, I highly recommend just using UT.

Mark Chua K.K. 

Hotel owner at Masjid Jamek, 48 rooms.

Engaged Utopia Transform since Feb 2020.

With many bad experiences working with OYO and other airbnb operator, I’m very skeptical with any other new collaboration. But after several discussion with CY and the team, I’ve decided to ring-fenced 70% of the rooms for Utopia.


To my very pleasant surprised, the property is currently yielding more than my regular historical hotel revenue! 31 out of 34 rooms that are handled by Utopia are fully occupied. That’s a dream all hotel owner could only wished for. 

Mohd. Ansari

Owner of Regalia Residence x3 units. 

Engaged Utopia Transform since 2018.

I’ve always entrusted with Utopia with all my rooms since 2018. Unlike engaging property agent, working with UT feels way more professional with properly structured incentive scheme. If you have a property that are vacant, or yielding way below market, just talk to them. 


You will be surprised how much they can do for you. 

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