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No WFH Motivation? Work Here To Increase Productivity by 300% (Especially If You're Renting A Room)

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

how to be productive when working from home in Malaysia during COVID19 pandemic and rent room is the best solution to increase productivity and motivation when work

Working from home is a term born from the COVID-19 pandemic. Funny how a virus can breed job opportunities and a lifestyle, but look where we are now.

Working remotely used to be an option but today, work from home is a revolution. It's a trend everyone is following.

Even in Malaysia, we can see a new pattern when it comes to working.

People now don't need to be in the office to fully function as a professional. Remote working, working online and work from anywhere are becoming more and more celebrated, even more so in 2021.

65% of Malaysians, according to Ipsos, a market research firm, currently work from home.

Malaysian work from home statistics, data in 2020 and 2021 in malaysia

Among this 65%, some maintain their professions but had to work remotely at home due to the pandemic.

While some others totally go digital by making a huge career change.

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Many make career changes, but not everyone knows how to stay motivated and retain productivity while working remotely.

So, here are a few go-to places that can increase your working productivity when working from home:

1) Great Co-Working Spaces That Make You Work Non-Stop

working from home gif, WFH disaster, father work from home with kids playing poking around, father patiently work in front of laptp in living room while children, kids run around making noises, dad frustrated

If you're a working mom or dad who's really struggling to work at home, this is exactly what you need.

Working at your home may not be practical as you thought it would be.


Well, at home, everyone has different responsibilities; a mom, dad, child, cook, errand-runner, driver and many others.

I'm very sure your WFH experience isn't as smooth and great. At times, you have to cook, tend to your kids (or parents), and run errands.

As you can see, you can't focus 100% on work. That can absolutely affect your work performance.

Something needs to be done because we don't want the worst-case scenario to happen (and that is the state of your mental health).

So, what can you do to make things right? How to gain focus when WFH and how to be productive?

Go to nearby working spaces. If you live in Kuala Lumpur, many social offices and co-working spaces are around.

best co-working spaces in kuala lumpur, malaysia, lounge area with sofa, couch, bean bags, TV, pantry to eat while working, do laundry while working from home, online work in malaysia, office working space
Facilities Available At Co-Working Spaces in Kuala Lumpur

Working spaces can really be a game-changer for you when working from home. Depending on location, you'll get access to the workspace, lounge area, pantry and TV area. Some even provide laundry machines, printers, prayer room, individual phone booths and games (pool table, darts and arcade, yes!)

Are all these free? You know the answer - nothing's free in 2021.

There are many types of rates and subscriptions offered. For students, they can get up to RM15 - RM20 per day in a co-working office while professionals may be charged differently (hour/day/week/month).

So, a tip from me - it's better for you to rent a room that's near to these working spaces. At the very least, you could save your money, be productive (again) and live happily ever after.

2) Swimming Pool For You to Unwind & Relax

swimming pool, people swimming, chilling, relaxing, sunbathing, hanging around with friends on fruit-shaped float in the pool, flamingo, unicorn, pineapple, watermelon, duck, happy, relaxed, youth, millennials, stunning swimming pool, malaysia
Unload Your Burden and Distress At The Pool

Swimming pool? How can a pool do anything to make me work better?

If those words pop-up in your mind the moment you see this, hold on. Give your thoughts a pause.

people experience burnout symptoms while working from home, stress, distress, female, woman, girl, lady sitting in office, sad, tension, distress, unhappy, tired, worry, anxious with a lot of work

Research proved that working remotely does take a toll on humans. Some of its negative effects include:

i) Low memory retention

ii) Loss of productivity

iii) Poor management

iv) Lack of motivation

v) Induce anxiety and burnout

From the looks of it, it's definitely not good. WFH can be fun and flexible, but it's also stressful.

This is where the pool comes in.

You need to unwind and melt all the stress away. Take a breather and get yourself to the pool. Take a dip, dive, plunge, swim or whatever you want! It's an effective stress relief.

Still, maybe it's best if you rent a room with this particular facility. You can check out condominium and apartment residences that have stunning swimming pools and look out for any rental rooms. If you have never rented before, follow this step-by-step guide (so that you won't end up with a horrifying first-time renting experience!)

3) Stop Looking At The Screen & Start Appreciating Nature!

Undeniably, most of the fatigue you feel when working online comes from all-day screen time.

Working long hours in front of your computer screen has serious proven consequences. Plus, reports stated that remote working caused an elevated distress among all.

malaysian people are experiencing more stress and anxiety when it comes to work by orcale malaysia, infographic illustration

Not only that, people started to uncover the bad side of working from home themselves.

negative effects of remote working bar chart, stress at work affects home life, working additional hours and burnout from overwork when work from home

Ask your friends, colleagues, family members or acquaintances - how does WFH feel?

I'm sure their answers have that one thing in common - stress, burnout and mentally exhausted.

Yup, you know it yourself. All those are bound to happen if you constantly work without any rest.

So, from now on, make sure to take a break and log off.

beautiful, stunning, green view of garden at perdana botanical garden or taman perdana botani in kuala lumpur malaysia, plants, grass, green, flowers, great landscape of nature in malaysia
Picturesque Garden View of Perdana Botanical Garden

Step out of the house and take a stroll.

Go to the parks and gardens.

See all the greens and witness the beauty of nature.

Just so you know, eye-witnessing scenic panorama and breathtaking landscapes can do wonders to your brain.

Nature improves your overall psychological well-being and brain functions. Rather than walking down the urban street, take a nature walk. It's absolutely incredible how nature can uplift your mood, rejuvenate your strength and get you motivated.

If you're too busy to take daily walks, rent a room with windows - so you can at least enjoy nature from inside.

great, captivating modern yellow structure of recreational park in perdana botanical garden in kuala lumpur malaysia, surrounded with green nature, relax, chill with family and friends
Captivating Structure of Recreational Park at Perdana Botanical Garden

Nature walks are a phenomenal way of achieving mental and emotional balance. Some of the best parks in Kuala Lumpur are Perdana Botanical Park, KLCC Park and KL Forest Eco Park.

You can easily go to these places by LRT, which is why renting a room near LRT is a good option.

4) Cafes For You To Get That Calm, Cosmopolitan Vibes

Working remotely can be tiring, boring and lonely.

In fact, more than half of Malaysians feel they've been in solitary...for an eternity.

malaysian employees feel lonely and isolated when working from home pie chart, work from home and remote work

One way to fight off unproductivity and social isolation is by having a change in your working environment.

For those wanting a sophisticated, urban atmosphere while working, a cafe would be the perfect place.

calm cafe with wood floor, orange lights, aesthetic cafe and coffee shop, suitable for meetings, social gatherings and chilling with friends, rustic decorations in cafe, warm vibes
by luckyraccoon via Getty Images Pro

Get some fresh air and sip a cup of coffee at cafes near your place.

There are a lot of working and studying-friendly cafes in Kuala Lumpur (if you happen to be in KL) you can check out and pay a visit.

How can you be productive from going to a cafe?

Well, seeing other people around doing their work can ease your mind.

You get the fact that you're not alone, working remotely. We are all in this together.

You won't feel socially isolated anymore - talk to the barista, smile at strangers and exchange conversations if you like!

Another way to physically socialize is by making conversations with your housemates. You can have dinner together and make the interaction a habit. Just so that, you know, you won't lose your mind.

Working at home can be absolutely boring if you live alone. An easy way to change that is by renting a room - you get to use the facilities, you have your own private workspace and you have people to talk to.

It's a considerable alternative to fill that need for real human interaction.

5) Hotels (A Classic Way To Stay Productive)

Even before the current pandemic happens, a lot of people go to hotels to get a proper, comfortable place to work. If your parents are researchers, examiners or lecturers, you'd most definitely know.

cheap, affordable, work from hotel packages in malaysia
From Work-From-Home to Work-From-Hotel

Seeing the remote working revolution happens, many hotels in Malaysia offer Work-From-Hotel packages.

Similar to working in a cafe, you can get a refreshing change in your working environment by going to hotels.

But they have more in store for you.

You can take five and relax in your room, have total privacy, take naps and even take a shower to freshen up.

The WFH rates hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer are as low as RM30/day and it can cost up to hundreds, depending on which hotel you go to.

Hotels are one of the classic go-to places because they provide the comfort, privacy and luxury you want when working remotely.

the ruma hotel and residences, work from home in malaysia, exclusive, private, luxurious studio hotel with large bedroom, table, TV, shower and aesthetic, luxurious decorations

Want to know what hotels are offering these WFH packages? Some are Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hyatt, Le Méridien, Shangri-La, The RuMa Hotel and Residences and Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur.

Free complementary beverages, free flow barista coffee, Wi-Fi, room services, discounted parking, dining and meeting room usage, secretarial services, printing facilities and access to the gym and pool are some of the benefits these hotels provide.

It's more or less the same with what you get for renting a room. Some hotel packages only last during the day - you have to pay more for an overnight accommodation. And that, can cost a few hundreds over than your original budget.

It's your call. Decide on what's best and what makes you more productive and motivated.

Are You Ready To Be Productive & Motivated Again?

Having mentioned all the 5 best places that will increase your productivity while working from home in Malaysia, I hope you do something to keep yourself motivated and deliver good work performance.

True, you can do other things to get inspired like tuning in to podcasts and doing workouts, but sometimes, you just need to change your environment. Feel a new, fresh atmosphere.

If you're considering to rent a room that's near to cafes, parks and LRT, has swimming pools, gym and sauna, and provides co-working spaces, try checking this out.

This rental operator in KL can be just what you need to increase your work-from-home productivity. Find out their latest offers on Facebook and Instagram, so won't miss out on all the good deals.


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