No WFH Motivation? Work Here To Increase Productivity by 300% (Especially If You're Renting A Room)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

how to be productive when working from home in Malaysia during COVID19 pandemic and rent room is the best solution to increase productivity and motivation when work

Working from home is a term born from the COVID-19 pandemic. Funny how a virus can breed job opportunities and a lifestyle, but look where we are now.

Working remotely used to be an option but today, work from home is a revolution. It's a trend everyone is following.

Even in Malaysia, we can see a new pattern when it comes to working.

People now don't need to be in the office to fully function as a professional. Remote working, working online and work from anywhere are becoming more and more celebrated, even more so in 2021.

65% of Malaysians, according to Ipsos, a market research firm, currently work from home.

Malaysian work from home statistics, data in 2020 and 2021 in malaysia

Among this 65%, some maintain their professions but had to work remotely at home due to the pandemic.

While some others totally go digital by making a huge career change.

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