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7 Hacks To Staying Healthy While At Your Room Rental

Updated: Jun 16, 2023


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I. Introduction

Welcome to the city of Kuala Lumpur! Long gone were the days where you see spacious greeneries around your area, because the view is now being replaced with a landscape of a cramped-up concrete jungle. Indeed, staying in a room rental is an exciting adventure... After all, it is an excellent opportunity to save money and travel around in a new location. When your room rental space is constrained, it is not always simple to keep up a healthy lifestyle. But, with our comprehensive guide, you will still reman as fit as a fiddle... Even in your tiny room rental. We will discuss 7 simple tips in this article to keep you happy and healthy while living in your room rental. Let's discover some original ideas to transform your room rental into your very own private wellness haven!

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II. Hack 1 - Create a Healthy Eating Plan

Finding wholesome food options that work with your budget and room rental living arrangements is one of the most difficult aspects of renting a place. In this specific section, we included some straightforward advice to help you design a healthy eating plan that works for you. In order to get you fired up, please consider these three ideas:

  • Create a shopping list and follow it: Before you go grocery shopping, make a list to keep you organized and stop you from purchasing expensive or unhealthy goods. Refrain from making impulsive purchases and just stick to your list.

  • Invest in a small kitchen equipment: A food processor or blender can revolutionize the way you prepare healthy meals in a compact space. Smoothies, soups, and dips can be prepared quickly and easily. As for us, we love to eat tomato soups!

  • Meal prep for the week: Prepare some healthy dishes over the weekend that can be quickly reheated throughout the week. Your time and money will thank you for it because you will often have cheap and wholesome food on hand if you do this. In addition, it can assist you in avoiding the temptation to order takeout or consume unhealthy snacks whenever you are hungry and constantly on-the-go.

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III. Hack 2 - Exercise in Small Spaces

Living in a room rental does not preclude you from engaging in a healthy workout. You can easily work out in confined settings with a little ingenuity. These are three quick tips to help you keep moving:

  • Invest in a yoga mat or resistance bands: You may set up a workout area in your room using these compact and reasonably priced pieces of equipment. Yoga mats are ideal for bodyweight workouts, stretching, and yoga. If you want to develop strength and muscular tone, you may consider resistance bands as your new bestie.

  • Use bodyweight exercises: Bodyweight workouts may be performed anywhere and do not require any special equipment. Exercises that can engage your entire body while taking up little room include push-ups, squats, and lunges.

  • Take advantage of outdoor spaces: Feel free to execute your workout routine outside if there is not enough space inside your room rental for it. Choose a nearby park or sidewalk for bodyweight workouts, jogging, or just brisk walking. If your room rental has a complimentary gym for all its residents, please do utilize it wisely but with a lot of caution.

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IV. Hack 3 - Prioritize Sleep

Do you know what is the secret behind Sleeping Beauty's ethereal beauty? Yes, the answer is available within her name itself: Sleep! Though we do not suggest for you to sleep for a thousand years (like what she did), but we do admit getting enough healthy sleep is essential for preserving your health. Here are three tips to assist you into getting the rest you require within your room rental:

  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine: Please change the atmosphere in your bedroom into tranquil and relaxing. Before going to bed, turn off all electronics and lower the lighting to aid in mental relaxation. Also, you might include unwinding activities in your bedtime routine, including reading or meditation.

  • Set a consistent sleep schedule: Sleep is no exception to how well our bodies respond to routine. By going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, you are creating a way to establish a regular sleep routine. This will assist your body in developing a regular sleep cycle.

  • Invest in a high quality mattress and bedding: A supporting mattress that is both pleasant and supportive is necessary for restful sleep. To make sure you're getting the rest you require, spend money on a high-quality mattress and bedding.

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V. Hack 4 - Stay Hydrated

Devon Windsor once said "Hydration is the key"... And we collectively agree on her statement. Staying hydrated is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of sustaining excellent health because our bodies are 70% water. The following advice can assist you in staying hydrated while residing in your room rental:

  • Always have access to water by taking a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go.

  • To give water taste and make it more delightful to drink, infuse it with fruits or herbs.

  • Use herbal tea as a healthier alternative to sweet beverages.

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VI. Hack 5 - Create a Healthy Work Environment

If you are working from home, let's high-five with us. Since we are also working from our rooms, we do admit that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult when you live and work in the same spot. Thus, it is vital for you to set up a healthy workspace. The following advice can assist you in staying healthy when working from home:

  • To prevent back and neck problems, make an investment to purchase an ergonomic chair and a comfortable desk.

  • In order to avoid stiffness and stress, take regular breaks to stretch and exercise your body.

  • To make a relaxing and effective workspace, optimize your lighting and air quality.

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VII. Hack 6 - Practice Mindful Breathing

Inhale, exhale... Oh, we are trying to calm ourselves out since our workload do stress us out sometimes. Similar to our situation, living in a small room rental can occasionally be difficult and frustrating for you. Thus, it might be helpful to practice mindful breathing to reduce tension and encourage relaxation. Here are some suggestions on how to engage in mindful breathing while staying in a room rental:

  • Employ breathing exercises to relax and calm your body and mind, such as deep breathing or the 4-7-8 technique.

  • Take short breaks frequently during the day to refuel and relax. Come and look at this article if you want to make your own coffee at home while you take a break.

  • For a more organized method of practicing mindfulness, think about including yoga or meditation into your daily schedule. You can read more about meditation in this article if you would like to know more about it.

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VIII. Hack 7 - Prioritize Mental Health

It can be difficult to prioritize mental health when you stay in a room rental on your own, especially during tough situations. But, if your mental health is at the bonkers, then it will eventually affect you as a whole. Here are some ideas to assist you in prioritizing your mental health:

  • Connect with friends and family regularly: Whether it be through phone calls, video chats, or in-person visits, schedule time each week to spend with your loved ones. Your mood can be lifted and feelings of loneliness can be diminished with social assistance.

  • Seek professional help if needed: Do not feel reluctant or ashamed to seek expert assistance if you are experiencing mental health problems. There are numerous resources accessible, such as therapists, counsellors, and support groups.

  • Take time for self-care and hobbies: It is crucial to schedule leisure time for pursuits that make you happy and relaxed. This can involve soothing activities like meditation or having a warm bath, as well as pastimes like reading, cooking, or painting. Taking care of yourself might help you feel more relaxed and better overall.

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Q: Which wholesome snacks are available for you to consume in a room rental?

A: You can definitely devour nuts, seeds, hummus and veggies, fresh fruit, and Greek yoghurt with berries for much healthier alternatives for snacking.

Q: How can I gain motivation to start working out in a limited room rental area?

A: We advise you to start by doing some research on the exercises that you might enjoy doing. Do you prefer a peaceful yoga lesson, a vigorous aerobic session, or a good HIIT workout? With this knowledge, you can definitely create an exercise regimen out of it. If you are that type of person who is constantly busy, online resources for pre-made exercises are also available for you.

Q: What results from not getting enough sleep?

A: Sleep deprivation has a wide range of cumulative effects, in which some of it are hazardous either to yourself or other people. According to experts, sleep is essential for the healthy operation of our neural systems. Once we are sleep deprived, we will also lose our ability to focus. Some of the examples for this condition include fatigued drivers and lowered job performance.

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X. Conclusion

Congratulations, you now possess seven crucial tips for leading a fit and active lifestyle in your rental room! Keep in mind that maintaining your health is a continuous process, and it is imperative to implement tiny adjustments gradually in order to achieve significant benefits. But hey, do not be so hard on yourself and never forget to celebrate every little accomplishments in life!

Although living in a room rental can be difficult, you can overcome any difficulties and lead a healthy lifestyle that suits you by using these tricks. Always prioritize your own well-being, and please do not forget to enjoy yourself while you are doing it. You can do it!

Are you seeking for a room rental that is ideal to start off your fitness journey? If you answer "yes" to our question, let's rent with us! You may live a healthy, happy life with us since we have everything you need. With us, you will find the ideal balance between comfort and wellbeing. Contact us right away.



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