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Swing & Pillow @ Hang Tuah

Swing & Pillow @ Hang Tuah


This unit viral for its "🍃Zen" vibe, specifically our Japanese Tatami room is located here. If you love to meditate, there is space with plants and lights to do so. Be the centre point of meetups, those viral cafes, malls are just in walking distance.


Usually, 100% occupied, but do try your luck contacting our team on the latest availability.


📍12 & 14 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Off Jln Pudu, 55100 KL ( formerly Paloma Inn)




Top 3️⃣ Reasons Why You Need to Stay Here:
(1) Streets of Viral Cafes - Treat yourself after a long day of hustling and instaead of you coming to your friends, they will come to you😆You just need to walk to these cafes

(2) Imagine staying with your bestie(s) - Bestie room for 2 or Trio room for 3

(3) Our signature Japanese Tatami Room - seeing-is-believing.


Other 🌟 Benefits:

- Entitled to Zero Deposit tenancy.

- 5-minute walk to Lalaport Mitsui Shopping Park

- Avoid the traffic! 3-minute walk to Monorail Hang Tuah

- Save over RM280 per month with free wifi, common cleaning, and laundry services.

- Hundreds of cafes and meetup spots. You will be the center of attention among your friends.

  • How To Book

    Step 1 - WhatsApp Us

    Check with our team on the latest availability. You can either

    • Click the WhatsApp button on the home page, or
    • just drop Ms. Nad 6017-273 9468 a WhatsApp.  

    Step 2 - Viewing

    Arrange a physical (or virtual) viewing appointment with our consultants.

    Step 3 - All Done! 

    Pay a small booking fee to secure your room. Our team will guide you through the tenancy registration process. 


    Need help figuring out where to stay?
    Or are you Interested in booking now?

    Feel free to WhatsApp me (Ms. Nad) at 6017-273 9468. I'll be happy to help ❤️

  • Zero Deposit Tenancy

    "In Utopia, we truly believed that deposit is an outdated notion which hugely impacts the affordability of homes in the city. 

    A massive part of Utopia's mission is to create spaces that empower tenants to do more extraordinary things in life. Especially for tenants in their early 20s. 

    ... and that starts with a lower initial commitment for rents.

    As of today, 96% of our rooms & co-livings are a 100% zero deposit."


    Zero Deposit Tenancy

    Ask our team today to learn more about our zero deposit tenancy. The process is simple - just reviewed our zero deposit tenancy before moving in. Make sure that you understand all the terms & conditions. 

  • Differences: Colivings vs Rooms

    Co-livings is an entire purpose-built building that is re-designed to suit the modern way of living. Inside every co-living, you will find a fully equipped shared kitchen, laundry spaces (with washer and dryer), working zone, chill zone, or even a rooftop hangout area. 

    As a result, you will meet many like-minded tenants (mainly in their 20s-30s) that might share a similar city experience with you. Get yourself connected with the people - you might be surprised by an unexpected job opportunity or even a life-long soulmate. 


    Rooms are individual rooms inside a condominium, landed property, or service residence. Unlike co-living, the number of occupants is usually 4-8 (depending on the size of the home), which will provide a more cozy and closely knitted relationship. 

    You will still have access to a shared kitchen and laundry zone. And the best part is you can access the building facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, or even a private jogging track for some locations.

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