Find Zero Deposit Rooms via these Top 5 Room Rental Websites in Malaysia (No. 5 is a Must-Know!)

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

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You were offered a new job but have no idea where to rent? Struggling to find rooms without deposits in Malaysia?

Well, this is your lucky day then. You're on the right page.

Hunting for rental rooms in Malaysia can be puzzling, time-consuming, and never-ending if you don't know the right place.

The truth is: there are a few room rental websites that serve as the best alternative to Airbnb in Malaysia.

Here are a few reasons why people look for the best website to find rooms to rent in Malaysia:

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But beware - in the advent of digital technologies in 2021, a lot of frauds have been trying to develop their own websites too. It has become their online modus operandi today.

Having that said, you can't just trust any websites or room rental apps that you found in Malaysia. Especially if this is your first time renting. Don't just blindly trust the Internet.

Clicking on unreliable links may draw you into the persistent cycle of cyberattacks such as phishing, ransomware, and malware. We don't want that.

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So, let's protect our data and digital identity by visiting only legitimate websites. This is why you need a valid source on what are the solid platforms for room renting in the country.

In this case, let's look at the 5 best websites and platforms for room rental in Malaysia:

1. iBilik
3. Instahome
5. Facebook

1) iBilik, One of the Famous Websites for Room Rental

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If "room rental Malaysia" has been your search query, you must have already visited iBilik. For your information, iBilik is absolutely one of the best room rental websites in Malaysia. It's everyone's go-to website whenever they are in need of finding a place to rent.

Let's get into a little back story of iBilik.

This room rental portal was initially founded by Ng Say Joe, the former CEO of Ocision. For the record, Ocision is an Internet company that runs iBilik, along with some other popular Internet portals in the real estate and travel accommodation markets such as Propwall and Carsifu.

Around 2012, iBilik actually beat Airbnb in Malaysia and Singapore in a short period of time...

Later in 2013, Ocision was acquired by Star Media Group (SMG).

In 2021, the Malaysian media giant, SMG, decided to let iBilik go, to the largest accommodation provider in Malaysia, GFG Group.

Having that said, if you go to your App Store or Google Play Store and search iBilik, you'll find the mobile app by GFG Home Realty Sdn. Bhd.

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The mobile app, apart from room and property listings, also has its own blog. By scrolling the app through your phone, you can read some of the latest news and blogs.

Undoubtedly, iBilik is the perfect platform for you to find room rentals as well as short-term rentals in Malaysia.

The website has a clear, simple interface that makes your online experience smooth and seamless. Also, for non-Malaysians and non-Malay speakers, this website caters specifically to rooms (based on its name, iBilik).

In Malay language, the word bilik translates to a room. So, if you're looking for a whole condo unit, you will not find any on this platform.

The listings provided on iBilik are of a variety; you can find rooms in condo/apartment units all over Malaysia.

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There's also a checklist of preferences you can choose from:

  • Prefer Muslim-friendly

  • Move-in immediately

  • Zero deposit

  • Pet-allowed

Plus, since many of the listed rooms are located in condominium and apartment units, you'll find various types of rooms available including:

  1. Single room

  2. Middle room

  3. Large room

  4. Master room

  5. Suite

  6. Studio

  7. SoHo (Small Office, Home Office)

There is also a set of other filters that'll make your search results even more precise and refined (gender, nationality, race, occupation, lease terms, facilities, and amenities).

Both the iBilik website and mobile app have a great loading time, straightforward interface, and good user experience. Overall, iBilik is a great room rental website for you to start your room hunting journey.

2) Roomz; Rent Rooms, Properties & Offices Here

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Another platform for you to get some of the best rental rooms in Malaysia is

Popularly known as Roomz, this or Roomz Asia, this website prepares a complete set of rental rooms and rental properties all over Malaysia on their site.

This website, is founded by Trey Chong, Ping He, as well as Liau Kok Hour. These personalities established Roomz Asia with the intention to produce a comprehensive property rental website in Malaysia (they also have a site for Singapore).

Like mentioned before, Roomz only caters to the rental needs of any individuals or businesses.

In their listings, you can find any rental rooms, properties (like a whole condominium, apartment, or terrace), event spaces (such as meeting rooms, private offices, as well as training and co-working spaces), and rental parking spaces.

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Yes, a complete set of all of these, can be found on Roomz website. So, if you're coming to Malaysia on a short-term basis, don't worry about not having any parking lots to park your vehicle - just browse through Roomz website. There are many parking spots that are available for you to rent.

This rental portal also dedicates a section for those who are specifically looking for short-term homestays or rental units. Yup, this is a bonus since not many landlords or rental agencies welcome or entertain short-term tenants.

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So, if you're in need of a room to stay in short-term, or you're a group of students who want a hostel-like accommodation, feel free to check out Roomz website. They have many choices in-store just for you.

On top of that, I love how Roomz has this one special feature that a lot of many other good room rental websites do not offer - a section to look for roommates!

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You can post your ads here for free - let others know you're looking for a roommate or a housemate anywhere in Malaysia.

It's truly convenient for anyone who wants to split the cost of living in an entire apartment or any large rental room.

3) Instahome: Another Choice Besides Airbnb

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Enjoy RM500 off - this is the first thing you'll see when you visit Instahome's website. Yes, if you're a sucker for promos, redeeming rewards, and collecting points, you would certainly love Instahome.

Before diving into what else this digital home rental platform provides, let's see who is the genius behind Instahome first.

Officially launched in October 2020, Instahome was ingeniously assembled by Patrick Grove, the CEO of Catcha Group, and Eric Tan, the former chief of staff with Catcha.

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Also, I think the founders are ingenious because Instahome has the answer to "how do I do physical room viewing during the COVID-19 situation?"

So, in a way, instead of just launching a new rental platform, Instahome caters to the current problem everyone is facing during the pandemic - how to view the room I'm interested in without stepping out of my house?

" is something that will benefit people too as they have to stay home and would be more reluctant to have physical viewings"
- Founders of Instahome

These figures launched the online home rental platform with one intention in mind - to make the renting experience in Malaysia an absolute delight (which is admittedly hard to come by).

Looking for rooms and houses to rent online can be quite an ordeal. Like humans, sometimes the Internet is also full of deceptions and lies. A lot of room and house listings seem too good to be true and Malaysia is no exception.

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This is where Instahome sneaks in - their main focus is to reduce unreliable room listings and replace them with a much more valid, precise list of rental properties.

How is that guaranteed? Well, unlike any other place, Instahome conducts pre-inspections.

Yes, all the rooms listed on this local rental platform will be initially visited and examined before it is made public to the Internet users. The team behind Instahome will go on foot and discover the true colours behind each listed rental property.

"All our listings are personally checked and verified by our staff, which means what you see on our platform is what you get." - Eric Tan, CEO of Instahome

Apart from putting promising rental rooms and homes on display, Instahome also gives rewards to tenants who pay rent on time.


Who would've thought you'd have fun when paying rent? No one, that's for sure.

Yup, your punctuality is finally appreciated, how cool is that?

By paying your rental fees on time, you can collect points (like credit cards/GrabRewards).