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The Top 5 Things to Understand Before Booking a Room


Essential factors to consider before reserving a room
A living space at Utopia Cheras Maluri

Renting a house seems like a better job idea than renting a room. Who doesn't love it when we are able to afford a house rather than just a room? Although owning a house sounds legit and fun, renting a room is actually a better choice when it comes to your accommodation especially when you are still in your early 20s and 30s.

When you are looking for a room to rent, you might focus on the location of the rental, such as which neighbourhood it's in or which amenities are close, but it's also important to ensure that the rental itself is exactly what you are expecting.

A lot of perspectives need to be included when it comes to searching for the right room for you. Therefore there are things that you should know before renting a room.

This is why I have come down to the Top 5 things you should know before renting a room.

i. Is it fully furnished?

When people are looking for room rentals, they don't want to worry about furnishing the room. They want a worry-free room where they only need to bring their clothes and toiletries.

Key elements to grasp prior to booking accommodations
Cute Side Table Decorations By Utopia Co-Living

Being able to come home and not worry about things like "What can I do to make my room homier?" or "Why is my room so dull?". Nowadays, people would prefer a room which is ready to move in with their own belongings only. You can request more pictures of the room before you decide to rent it.

Therefore asking for pictures before considering a place to rent is a must. This seems like an appropriate time to add that Utopia Co-Living is Kuala Lumpur's largest room rental company, with over 1000+ rooms. What highlights this is that Utopia only serves rooms that are fully furnished.

Thus, making it the best place to rent rooms when you are not interested to furnish it yourselves.

ii. The facilities

It needs to be included when you are looking to rent rooms. Facilities such as a guard house and washing machine might sound ridiculous, but it is actually really important if you want to save some cash by including these as the facilities that include with your monthly room payment.

For instance, if you want to do your laundry in the nearest 24 hours dobi is a mile away, and you'd be wasting time, energy and also cash. So instead of losing those, you could have them by having the washing machine facilities in the house that you have rented a room in.

Facilities are one of the important keys to ensuring a comfortable lifestyle while renting a room. An example of a fully facilitate room renting service is Utopia Co-Living. When renting rooms with us, you will not only get all of these but you will also have a free cleaning service.

Imagine coming back home from your 9 to 5 work to a fully cleaned room. Everyone would love that!

Additionally, Utopia also provides free Wi-Fi for each tenant to enjoy which is a really huge deal, especially for those who are working from home due to COVID-19.

iii. The Deposits

On the other hand, deposits need to also be included when you are on the search for room renting. It really all depends on how many months of rental deposit you will be expecting, either 2 or more months as requested by the landlord/s.

There are several types of rental deposits, namely earnest deposits, security deposits and utility deposits that are more common in Malaysia. Before you make the deposit, you are recommended to talk with your landlord first.

Another thing that you need to worry about is most probably some misunderstanding and miscommunication with your landlords.

Meanwhile, some people struggle with that, you could easily avoid that by renting rooms with Utopia Co-Living. Not only you won't be having a landlord, but you will be handled by very friendly agents from the company.

iv. Who is responsible for any damages

As humans, we are never far from mistakes to be made. Sometimes things will go wrong without any intention from us. For example, if you are renting a room with an air conditioner, it is bound for them to get fixed whether it is sooner or later.

Thus, if you are unlucky, they happened to be when you are renting the room. This is where, before some maintenance work is done, the security deposit comes in. The landlord is usually entirely liable for any harm to the rental room. Generally, the costs for this maintenance work are compensated by the security deposit and will not be forfeited.

However, you can choose to have it fixed on your own. Remember to keep your receipt and tell your landlord of this so that you can demand the repair work costs back. Not only that, these kinds of services are usually free when you are living in Utopia Co-Living rooms. It is free for as long as you are currently living there.

Utopia is a nice place for people who are focusing on the long-term room for around 6 months and more with services. Hence, it is amazing for those who are searching for rooms and thinking about staying for the long term.

v. Your housemates

The word housemates by Utopia Co-Living

Last but not least, knowing your housemates. The difference between renting a house and a room is the housemates. Usually, when you rent a house, you would know the people who you are renting it with. As for rooms, you would get random people living in the same house as you.

However, it is not entirely a bust. It is good if you know who you are living with, thus before coming to an agreement with your landlord for your room rental, just make sure you asked them first about the people you will be living with at the house.

It is better to ensure you know who you will be living with as you might occasionally meet up with them in the living room or even the kitchen. This comes to the conclusion that living with people whose you might know names are much better than living with total strangers.

vi. Conclusion

In conclusion, being able to rent a room without having to worry is a must. This is why Utopia Co-Living is definitely the right choice if you are really hunting for an affordable room rental in Kuala Lumpur with multiple choices of public transportation nearby. Therefore, you really need to check out Utopia! In order to assist you when needed, you can also visit various types of rental, such as RevBike, Mr. Scooter, SewaVan, and RevCar. Their primary rental transportation comes from Nissan, Toyota, Perodua, and Proton.

For more information, check out our other blog posts that may be useful to you.



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