6 Room Rental Nightmares (For Tenants) - What You Need to Know Before Renting A Room!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

room rental nightmare
Room Rental Nightmare - What You Need To Know Before Renting a Room

I used to think that I knew what nightmares were. Then everything makes sense when I became a tenant. I’ve seen so many types of nightmares since I began this renting journey, things I did not even know could exist. Hence, I decided to compile some of the Top Room Rental Nightmares you may go through and you need to know about them before renting a room.

For the majority of us, housing is our biggest monthly expense - on average 35% of our incomes. Across the country many renters are forking out huge amounts of money simply to keep a roof over their heads. But what happens when you have a nightmare landlord? Or you are faced with a filthy living environment? Or even a living environment which poses a danger to your health and safety?

If you think renting a room is just about selecting a location, negotiating for good rental rate, and packed your bag once you have made the payment, then you might want to keep on reading. Below are few basic must-know for first-time room renters.

So let's cut to the chase.

6. Hidden Cost!

Hidden Cost of Renting a Room
Hidden Cost of Renting a Room

Renting is not just about paying your rent on time. Hidden fees or expenses can be quite troublesome and it may cause lots of misunderstanding between landlords and the tenants. And worst, you might end up paying twice as much in rental over the long term! Below are a few common hidden costs:

1) Repairs & cleaning

2) Condo-related expenses

3) Air-conditioning related expenses (servicing, leaking, cooling gas etc)

4) Agent fees, contract fees or stamping fee 5) Utilities bill (commonly missed out are cooking gas & Indah Water charges)

6) Wifi fee 7) Before-stay and after-stay cleaning fee 8) Wear & tear, accidental damage

9) Deposit (as well as not getting back your deposit).

If you want to avoid from all these from happening, read through the tenancy agreement, twice. Once you find out that something doesn't make sense, ASK! Make sure you and your landlord are clear on some of the house rules. Also, don't forget to run through potential charges above with your landlords to clear things out before moving in or booking the room.

Furthermore, if you are renting an older room, do expect issues related to plumbing, electrical or malfunctioning of appliances. Speak to your landlord on this before proceeding!

To sum up, hidden fees are not easy to avoid. But make sure you are not in the dark before renting a room.