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Room Rental Laws: What You Need to Know


VII. Evictions

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Are you considering renting out a vacant room in your home to get some additional money? You are not alone, though. Many people are using this alternative to augment their income because Kuala Lumpur is one of Malaysia's most costly cities. To avoid any future legal problems, it is imperative to be aware of the rules and legislation governing room rentals before proceeding. To assist you understand the nuances of Malaysia's room renting rules, we have put together this thorough guide. We have you covered when it comes to legal requirements as well as tenants' and landlords' obligations. Come on, let's read up to make sure you are updated with the most recent laws and guidelines on the room rental laws!

The Room Renting Business

Did you know that you are really beginning a business when you decide to rent out a room in your house? Even though it just involves one room, it nevertheless calls for the professionalism and accountability that come with running a business. With a concern regarding this issue, you must register your company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and ensure that you have the required licenses to rent out a room. Please do not forget about taxes either; you will need to follow the necessary laws and maintain precise accounting records to make sure everything is legal. Hence, if you are considering starting a room rental business, please make sure you do it properly from the start by taking care of all the essential financial and legal criteria needed.

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Tenancy Agreements

Hey, congrats on starting your room rental business by registering it! Creating a leasing agreement for your tenants is a crucial next step. The terms and conditions of the renting are set forth in this agreement, which is a binding contract. Provide any pertinent information, such as the length of the lease, the monthly payment, the security deposit, and any usage restrictions for the room. Also, you must specify the obligations and rights of each party, as well as the process for ending the lease. You can prevent misunderstandings or disagreements during the tenancy period by having a thorough tenancy agreement in place. Hence, please make sure that you set aside the time to create a thorough and precise agreement for your room rental.

Rental Deposits

In Malaysia, landlords are permitted to demand a security deposit from tenants when renting out a room of up to two months' worth of rent. This deposit serves as insurance for the landlord, making sure that any damage incurred by the renter or unpaid rent may be compensated for. Remember that if there has been no damage throughout the rental time, the deposit should be refunded to the tenant. It is crucial for the landlord to ensure that the tenant is aware of this policy and that it is expressly spelled out in the leasing agreement. This lessens the possibility of future misunderstandings or conflicts. In order to assess any potential damages, it is also vital to record the state of the room and the property before and after the tenant's stay. You can ensure a smooth and trouble-free room rental experience for all parties by being open and honest with your tenant.

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Rent Control

Understanding Malaysia's rental laws is crucial if you are considering about entering the country's room rental business. This somewhat leads us to the next point that you should also be aware of, which is rent control. Unfortunately, Malaysia does not have rent control regulations like some other countries do. As a result, you are free to set your own rent rates for your room rentals as a landlord. Yet, it is imperative to be aware of market rates and avoid setting too expensive prices that can put off prospective tenants. You can draw in tenants while still turning a respectable profit by doing this. Hence, even though the lack of rent control regulations may appear liberating, it is crucial to strike a balance between what you charge and what the market will bear.

Tenant Screening

In Malaysia, screening prospective tenants is a crucial part of room leasing. To ensure that you choose the best applicant for your rental property, you have the right as a landlord to thoroughly vet potential renters beforehand. You must be very certain that the individual you select is reliable, trustworthy, and financially secure. A tenant's credit history, work status, and references from prior landlords may all be screened. You can evaluate their capacity to maintain your property and make on-time rent payments using this procedure. To prevent claims of discrimination, it is essential to conduct your screening procedure fairly and consistently. So, take your time, ask the correct questions, and pick a tenant that fits your needs and is a good fit for your room rental.


Knowing your legal options for evictions is crucial if you are a room rental landlord. There may be circumstances where it becomes necessary to evict a tenant, even though no landlord likes to go through the process. When evicting a tenant in Malaysia, landlords must adhere to specific legal requirements. This entails informing them in writing and requesting a court injunction prior to taking any further action. To avoid future legal issues, it is critical to get legal counsel if you have questions about the eviction procedure. The tenant can be going through a difficult moment, therefore it is always ideal to handle room rental evictions with care and compassion. All in all, it is essential to maintain good and clear communication with the tenant at all stages of the process.

Safety and Health Regulations

It is your duty as the landlord of a room rental to provide a safe and sanitary living environment for your tenants. This implies that you must abide by building and fire safety laws and guarantee that your house has necessities like power and clean water. Please do not overlook the minor details, such as ensuring that the vacant room that you wanted to rent is clear of pests and mold-related concerns. Maintaining compliance with these laws protects you legally as a landlord while also ensuring the comfort and safety of your tenants. Remember, always put your tenants' health and safety first to provide a satisfying and long-lasting room rental experience.


Protecting your room rental is a critical issue for you as a landlord. Though it is not required by law, getting insurance is nevertheless a crucial move to make. To help secure your property, you can choose from a number of insurance products, such as building insurance to cover structural damage, contents insurance to safeguard your possessions, and liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that may happen on your property. Finding a policy that satisfies your unique requirements and provides the appropriate level of coverage is essential. Please conduct your research and compare policies to locate the one insurance that works best for your room rental.

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If you are thinking of renting out a room in your house, it is crucial to treat the decision seriously and treat it like a business opportunity. Although it may be tempting to dive right in given the opportunity for more income, it is important to comprehend the legal requirements and responsibilities that come with room rental. You can prevent future legal issues and launch a prosperous rental business by investing the time to learn about the rules and regulations. Always put your renters' health and safety first, and ask for legal counsel when required. The appropriate attitude and strategy may make your room rental a rewarding and successful business.

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