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Room Rental for International Students: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 16, 2023


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I. Introduction

Hold up, are you an international student who wants to continue your education abroad? Well, isn't this a thrilling voyage full of unanticipated detours and turns? We were once at your spot too! Therefore, we are aware that locating a home that is both pleasant and inexpensive in a foreign location can be extremely difficult. But hey, just treat us like your new bestie through this journey. Have you given a shot on renting a room while you are studying abroad? Although it is a well-liked choice among students, there are some considerations you should make first. We will go through every piece of information that you require for renting a room as an international student in this article. Let's take your voyage by a notch when you read this article!

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II. What is a Room Rental?

Before you sail further, you must know what your entire mission is all about. Joining a room rental is similar to being a part of a family because you will share common areas like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom with the landlord or other renters. It is indeed a cordial arrangement that typically includes a room rental agreement that spells out crucial information like the length of your stay, the rent amount, and everyone's responsibilities to promote a pleasant coexistence. Just imagine, living together but with like-minded people instead of your family members. That definitely sounds liberating, isn't it?

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III. Benefits of Room Rental

Renting a room is a better option for international students for a multitude of reasons. The following are some ways that a room rental can enhance your study abroad experience:

  • Less expensive: Renting a single room is typically a much cheaper alternative as compared to renting an entire apartment or home.

  • Possibilities for socializing: Sharing a residence with other renters can present occasions for mingling and establishing new friends.

  • Shared duties: While renting a room, tenants frequently share duties like maintaining shared facilities and paying for utilities, which can make life easier.

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IV. Factors to Consider Before Renting a Room

Since you are well-equipped on the benefits of room rental, now let's talk about the imperative (and less interesting) part of our sail. Perhaps you may think that "Alright, this is the right place!" But we shall halt your tracks because you should take into account a number of variables before committing to a room rental. Here are the things you should consider beforehand:

  • Location: The rental property's location must be taken into account. The house should ideally be close to your university, the public transportation stations, and other conveniences like restaurants, laundromat and grocery stores.

  • Safety: Since you are an international student, you might as well be concerned about your safety while renting a place. The area's crime rate should be investigated beforehand, and you must confirm that the rental home has sufficient security measures in check.

  • Roommates: Living with roommates may be difficult, especially if their routines or lifestyles are dissimilar. When agreeing to a room rental, you should take your compatibility with potential housemates into account.

  • Rent and utilities: Consider how much rent and utilities will cost before you rent out a room for yourself. It is critical to comprehend the rent amount, the due date, and which utilities are included in the fee.

  • Lease Agreement: Prior to signing the lease agreement, please read it completely and understand all of its terms and circumstances. Never hesitate to ask questions if there are any unclear provisions. You should meticulously study and comprehend the terms of any lease agreements before putting down your precious signatures on them. If there are any ambiguous laws, you should inquire further as you deserve to know your rights.

V. How to Find a Room Rental

Now that you know what to consider before nabbing your ideal room rental, we shall share with you several ways to find a room. You can find your ideal room rental via:

  • Internet rental platforms: Since we are no longer living in the 90s, you can easily find for your ideal room rental via multiple online rental marketplaces, including us. Once you come and rent with us, you are basically under safe hands because we are a certified company and one of the pioneering companies for room rental that pushes the idea of co-living in Malaysia.

  • University housing services: If you are lucky, your university might provide lodging for international students. These services might offer details on available room rentals in the area.

  • Local classifieds: If you are that type of old-school person, newspaper with local classified ads will direct you to the vacant room rentals in the area. Aside from newspaper, local online forums might as well provide some suggestions for room rental.

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VI. Conclusion

Wow, you have completed your voyage! Yet, let us remind you that this is only the start of your journey... We shall share a little confess with you: When we first studied abroad, we do admit that it is a little overwhelming to discover the ideal spot to call home, especially when we are miles apart from our family members. But hey, speaking from past experience, we can tell that renting a room is the perfect answer for you! It is a fantastic way to cut costs and get in touch with people who are also starting this exciting journey. Nevertheless, there are some crucial things to think about before you move in. You should consider the area, safety, the number of roommates, the cost of the rent and utilities, and the lease terms. You can select a comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation that will serve as your haven throughout your studies by completing your research and making an informed choice.

But, if you have done all your research and still at the dead's end, you can always rent with us.



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