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Renting with Style: Enhance Your Room's Look with These Window Treatment Trends

Updated: Jun 16, 2023



Make sure the place you rent feels like home by making it as comfortable and attractive as you can. Window treatments are one effective way to do this. From natural light to color and texture, these design elements can work together to create a truly welcoming and stylish space. Whether you are a tenant looking to liven up your living space or a landlord attempting to recruit new renters, these ideas for window treatments are sure to impress. This article will discuss modern window treatment styles and how they can enhance the decor of a space.

Window Treatment Trends for Room Rental

There are many popular styles and trends for window treatments that work well in rental rooms:

  • Layered curtains and blinds are a practical and stylish option that lets renters control the amount of light and privacy in the room while adding texture and depth.

  • Sheer curtains are great for making a room feel light and airy while still giving you privacy.

  • Shades made of bamboo or woven wood, which are natural materials, add a touch of nature and warmth to the room.

  • Patterns and prints with big colours and shapes give the space personality and visual interest, making it stand out from other rental rooms.

How Window Treatments Can Enhance a Room's Look

Window treatments are more than just a way to block light and keep things private. They can also affect the overall appearance and atmosphere of a room. With the right window treatments, you can help lighten or boost the amount of natural light that comes into a room. You can also use different colours and textures to give the space depth, warmth, and personality.

Also, window treatments can help tie a room's decor together, giving it a more finished look. If you choose the right window treatments, you can match the room's colour scheme and other design elements. There are numerous ways to achieve the right style, ranging from sleek and simple to bold and colourful.

Window Treatment Tips for Room Rental

When selecting window treatments for a rental room, there are several factors to consider. These things include:

  • Privacy needs: Consider the level of privacy needed for the room and select window treatments accordingly.

  • Lighting: Think about how much natural light comes into the room and choose window treatments that let you control how much light comes in.

  • Budget: Estimate how much different window treatments will cost and choose options that fit your budget.


In conclusion, window treatments are an easy and effective way to make your rental room look better and more stylish. With the latest trends and practical considerations in mind, you can transform your space into a functional and stylish environment. Utopia Co-Living provides a range of high-quality rooms for rent that can help you achieve your desired look while staying within your budget. Explore our collection today and start creating the rental room of your dreams.



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