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Renting A Room VS Renting A House

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Renting a Room VS Renting a House
Renting a Room VS Renting a House

No matter which rental option you choose, deciding to rent an apartment or a room can be a dilemma for both students and working people.

You would want to watch a football match or Fifa World Cup in the early hour and invite your friends over, but it could interrupt your housemates’ good sleep. You may like to invite visitors or your family and having a pet at home but not everyone is comfortable with your cuddly furry friend.  It could be a bit frustrating but above all, that is warm, cozy and happy.

There are some key points that you should keep in mind before renting an apartment or a room. Continue reading, we will walk you through the pros and cons of both housing options.

Beautiful Studio Room at Central Pudu
Beautiful Studio Room @ Central Pudu

Rent Rental KL @Room Rental Utopia Co Living

Renting a Room


(1) Cheaper Rental Fee

Renting a room is budget friendly if compared to have a whole apartment or house of your own. Even the whole place is not entirely yours, but you can still have the necessities like bathroom, kitchen, and a common area. From a financial standpoint, this is the most ideal for certain people as splitting bills and other utilities can save you a lot of money.

UTOPIA provide many areas of room rental to the citizens such as Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and Pudu. You can enjoy low price with nice facilities if you rent a room in KL with them. There are too much of benefits such as,

• free cleaning

• zero deposit

• fully furnished

• near distance to public transportation

All in all, if you are finding a room to rent, you may check out here to get more details that you need for room rental KL.

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy
Why Utopia?

(2) Making new friends and learning new things

This arrangement can works quite well with a little bit of respect for others. Besides being cost effective, having housemates offer you a whole new experience that is certainly out of textbooks, laboratories, and lectures.  You and your housemates can take turns making meals or maybe pick up on a new culture if you came from different backgrounds

• Make friends with your housemates

• Increase your social relationships

• Get to learn more between each other

To sum up, if you have any concerns on the housemates issues or you are worrying about how your housemates are going to look like, you definitely do not have to worry about this. This is all because their tenants are all fully filtered and excellent services on room rental KL.


(1) Obeying the House Rules

You may have to follow a few additional rules to be respectful of other tenants when you live in a shared house. But, this shouldn't be a problem if you are respectful enough to treat others in your daily life. This might mean having to keep noise at a minimum level, overnight guests are not allowed to be over, and strictly no pets allowed. Sometimes, things can go south if one of you leaves the house in a mess. This could even be you! You need to be tolerate and be patience towards each other with your housemates.

Renting a house or whole unit of an apartment
Renting a house or whole unit of an apartment

Renting a House or an Apartment


(1) More Freedom Living Solo in a House

Renting an apartment or a house could be a huge incentive, especially if you are a student who really values your me-time.

• From wall to wall, the whole space is yours. You wouldn't disturb others beside from you yourself.

• In other words, it means there is no any house rules. You can spend the whole day and night playing video games with friends, inviting friends over for group assignments, or watching football matches without having to cause discomfort to other housemates.

• On top of that, you will not have restrictions about quiet hours, having overnight visitors, shared living spaces and bills.

However, renting a house or an apartment may cost you quite high but it is worth it, especially if you find it difficult to share space with others. Utopia's tenants are all filtered and even if you want to stay alone, they can also provide you with affordable price and spacious units. Overall, you can make your decision based on your freedom and also your budget to rent a unit or house.


(1) It’s too Pricey (especially during the early years of saving up!)

To be completely honest, renting a whole house especially in central Kuala Lumpur can be very expensive.

• This is also not the best option if you are only planning to stay for a short period of time. One should explore your options when you are choosing a house or a private room. • Nevertheless, you can opt to be a master tenant and rent out the rooms to your friends.

• You can accommodate four to five friends, depending on the size of the house and unit.

This is a big advantage for you as you can choose the people who, you want to live in with. It could bring down the rental cost by splitting all the expenditures. You may rent a room in KL based on your preferred areas.

There are a few affordable houses and units hotspots such as Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, and Pudu. The rental fee for a unit is ranging from RM 1500-3000. You will find renting it out to friends a lot cheaper rather than having it all alone.


To conclude, it is evident that rent a room or rent a house and apartments is no walk in the park. There are undoubtedly several factors to consider before making that seemingly crucial decision.

If you’ve done your research and can afford the payments, then by all means, rent a house! If you don’t plan on staying in one location for long and you don’t want to be heavily and financially committed to your property, just rent a room! Either way, whether you’re a brand new or even long-time homeowner or tenant, always remember to protect your home!

Availability of UTOPIA CO-LIVING
Availability of UTOPIA CO-LIVING

Don’t let the cons of renting a room and a house scare you! You can still rent a room or rent a house and have peace of mind by doing this one thing:

Simply check out for details in this website and feel free to contact them to know more.

You may also have a view on our Instagram and Facebook.

What makes them so unique is that customers have a wide range of benefits to enjoy and also various of coverage to choose from as well as the flexibility to choose what kind of room types you would like to rent! :)



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