Stay-At-Home Survival Guide With Food Deliveries

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Food deliveries have been known since the late 90s where people tend to order foods through phone calls. Where people would order foods like pizza or Chinese by calling the restaurant owner.

Some well-known food delivery restaurants would be Pizza Hut, Dominos, and McDonald's. They weren’t only popular in the west side of the world where it first opened, but it was also popular in Asia, including Malaysia.

But back then, everything was a bit complicated as everything was still new and most people don’t really know how it works. Some are even too prejudiced to try out food deliveries as it could cause trust issues for them.

However, as time flies, food deliveries have started to make their way through the community all across the world.

Most restaurants and cafes are now up to date with their food delivery systems.

Although not everyone uses it, it will always be an option for every household whenever they feel like it. This is why it is safe to say that food deliveries are now well known across Malaysia.

Now that we are in a pandemic since 2020, everyone is restricted when it comes to dining in at a restaurant. Thus food delivery has become more and more famous nowadays.

Some of the well-known food delivery services are;

a) Food Panda

b) Grab Food

c) Pop Meal (Dah Makan)

d) DeliverEat

Most of these services are through applications of smartphones. Which makes it easy for everyone to access it since most people owned a phone.

Thus, there are some guides for those who want to survive with food deliveries without having to cost so much money.

Some of the guides would be: