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7 Steps To Staying Safe For Single Women Tenants In Room Rental

Updated: Jun 16, 2023


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I. Introduction

Prioritizing your safety and security is crucial if you are a single woman tenant looking for a room rental. Women still have several difficulties when it comes to personal safety notwithstanding the recent International Women's Day celebration. In Malaysia, the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) recorded a sharp rise in the number of rape incidents that were officially reported, from 12,381 in 2019 to 13,304 in 2020. These numbers are the reported cases, but what about the unreported cases? These frightening figures show that women continue to need to be proactive in ensuring their safety in Malaysia.

Since we are focused on single women tenants, this compact and comprehensive article will compile seven best precautions that you can do to keep yourself secure. By taking these actions, you will not only make your environment safer but also better equipped in avoiding yourself to fall as a prey of criminal activity by arming yourself with the information and resources you need. Are you prepared to begin making your house a safer sanctuary now? Let's get started and learn the 7 crucial actions you must take to keep secure as a single woman tenant!

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II. Step 1: Research your Neighbourhood

Always do your homework on a new neighbourhood before moving into a new room rental. Research the area's crime statistics and inquire about the experiences of any prospective neighbours. You can use this knowledge to decide where to reside and what safety measures to take after making educated judgements. Remember that doing little research can help to ensure your safety and provide you with peace of mind. It is crucial to remember that women should not take the issue of safety lightly.

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III. Step 2: Secure Your Room Rental

Install deadbolts on all outside doors, and lock all windows to keep your room rental safe. To prevent possible burglars, please do consider about installing a security system and using motion-sensor lights. Trim off any bushes or trees that could be used as cover by criminals, and keep your (rented) home's exterior well-lit.

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IV. Step 3: Create a Safety Plan

Please do establish a safety strategy for situations that could arise in the room rental that you have. This plan should include a list of emergency contacts along with an escape route and a location to go in case of emergency. To be ready for an emergency, regularly practice this plan.

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V. Step 4: Be Cautious With Strangers

You need to exercise caution while interacting with strangers as a single lady tenant. Please give no one your personal details over the phone or online, and only let someone into your room rental if you know the person very well. Whether jogging or walking, please pay attention to your surroundings and stay away from empty or dark areas.

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VI. Step 5: Adopt a Furry Friend

Having a furry pet in your room rental not only adds to the sense of security but also offers companionship. A dog or cat can provide emotional support during trying times and be a fantastic deterrent for prospective attackers. Compared to humans, they have better hearing and smell senses. They are the first to pick up on any odd activity in your home. To avoid any unwanted issues, just make sure you get your landlord's approval before adopting any pet in your room rental.

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VII. Step 6: Get to Know Your Landlord

Knowing your landlord might make a major difference during emergency situations when it comes to safety. Spend some time getting to know your landlord beyond merely getting their signature on a document. Start a dialogue to establish a relationship on a personal level. Make sure you have easy access to them and keep their contact details handy in case something untoward occurs to you while you are staying at the room rental. Do not forget that your landlord can be a vital ally in keeping you safe and secure in addition to being someone who collects the rent money.

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VIII. Step 7: Trust Your Instincts

As a single woman tenant, your intuition is a strong defense mechanism. Trust your instincts and act right away if something in your room rental seems wrong or unsafe. Never hesitate to call the police or leave the area if you feel attacked or intimidated. Keep in mind that your health comes first. You can take proactive measures to keep safe and secure in your room rental by being aware of your surroundings and believing in your intuition.

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Q: Should I have some sort of self-defense in my room rental, such as pepper spray?

A: A self-defense tool may be carried inside your rented accommodation, but this is entirely up to you. Just make sure you use it cautiously and according to instructions.

Q: What should I do if I spy strange activities in the vicinity of my room rental?

A: As soon as you become aware of anything suspicious, please contact the police immediately. Always choose safety over regret.

Q: What safety precautions should I take while going out on my own at night in the neighbourhood of my room rental?

A: Whenever feasible, stay away from nighttime solo strolls. If you have to go alone, please remain in areas that are well-lit and avoid listening to music via headphones or do anything else that can get your mind distracted and causes you to lose focus on your surroundings.

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X. Conclusion

Congratulations! As a single woman renter in a room rental, you have already taken significant efforts to ensure your safety by reading our article. We shall give a little kudos to you for prioritizing your safety and comfort if you are a single woman living in a room rental. Through abiding these 7 steps, you may take charge of your safety and establish a safe sanctuary that you can call as home. Please allocate some time to investigate your community, make safety improvements to your room rental, develop a safety plan, be wary of new acquaintances, consider about getting an adorable (and helpful) furry friend, get to know your landlord, and always follow your instincts. You may live your life with confidence and benefit from all the advantages of renting a room provided you have these safety precautions in place. Please stay vigilant and enjoy living the single life!

(P.S.: Come and rent a room with us if you are seeking for a rental that is well-equipped with top-notch security measures.)



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