4 Questions that Every Renter Should Ask Before Signing a Rental Agreement @Room Rental KL

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

ASKKKK before Signing Rental Agreement
ASKKKK!! Before Signing Rental Agreement

Renting a home can be a tedious process and if you’re a first-time renter, it can be quite intimidating. You wouldn’t want to oversee a detail, only to regret it later.

So, make sure to tick all these boxes first.

All have to be taking attention even if you’ve found a rental ad that looks promising or you’ve already viewed the place, you like what you see and you’re ready to sign – BUT WAIT! Before you sign that rental agreement, there are certain things that you need to sort out with your potential landlord first. Here are the 4 things you need to ask before renting 1) Upfront Cost 2) Move-in date, and placing a booking fee.

3) Who pay for the repair?

4) Furnishing - fully furnished vs semi furnished

(1) Can you clarify the cost of rent, deposits, utilities ?

Some landlords include utilities in the monthly rental fee while others do not.

Let’s say the listing was for a room at RM1,200 per month in rental.

Does that RM1,200 include electricity, water, internet and other utilities?

Make sure to ask before you rent it in any room rental KL.

Furthermore, most landlords collect a deposit when you are first starting out, so you will want to find out how much they want in terms of a deposit.

• Based on room rental KL, some may ask you to pay 1+2 (that’s one month’s rental fee plus two month’s rental which acts as a security deposit) and you’ll get that two-month security deposit back when you move out with the condition that no damage has been done to the property.

Some landlords might not ask for a security deposit and instead just ask for a two months upfront payment when you first move in.

Thus, if you wish to find a room with all items stated clearly, you may refer here.

(2) When are you moving in, and for how long?