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4 Questions that Every Renter Should Ask Before Signing a Rental Agreement @Room Rental KL

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

ASKKKK before Signing Rental Agreement
ASKKKK!! Before Signing Rental Agreement

Renting a home can be a tedious process and if you’re a first-time renter, it can be quite intimidating. You wouldn’t want to oversee a detail, only to regret it later.

So, make sure to tick all these boxes first.

All have to be taking attention even if you’ve found a rental ad that looks promising or you’ve already viewed the place, you like what you see and you’re ready to sign – BUT WAIT! Before you sign that rental agreement, there are certain things that you need to sort out with your potential landlord first. Here are the 4 things you need to ask before renting 1) Upfront Cost 2) Move-in date, and placing a booking fee.

3) Who pay for the repair?

4) Furnishing - fully furnished vs semi furnished

(1) Can you clarify the cost of rent, deposits, utilities ?

Some landlords include utilities in the monthly rental fee while others do not.

Let’s say the listing was for a room at RM1,200 per month in rental.

Does that RM1,200 include electricity, water, internet and other utilities?

Make sure to ask before you rent it in any room rental KL.

Furthermore, most landlords collect a deposit when you are first starting out, so you will want to find out how much they want in terms of a deposit.

• Based on room rental KL, some may ask you to pay 1+2 (that’s one month’s rental fee plus two month’s rental which acts as a security deposit) and you’ll get that two-month security deposit back when you move out with the condition that no damage has been done to the property.

Some landlords might not ask for a security deposit and instead just ask for a two months upfront payment when you first move in.

Thus, if you wish to find a room with all items stated clearly, you may refer here.

(2) When are you moving in, and for how long?

When do you wish to move in?
When do you wish to move in? Source: Natdanai Pankong

It is highly disappointing when you find a new place that you absolutely adore and the landlord seems keen to rent out their property to you but then right at the end you find out that they want you to move in on the 15th of June but you can only move in on the 1st of June.

All that time and effort spent in viewing the property will have gone to waste. So make sure both your timelines match up. And also, how much does it take to place a booking deposit to secure the room.

• Ask how long the landlord is looking to rent out the property for.

• Most rental agreements of room rental KL ranges from 3-12 months, and most landlords who prefer a longer-term tenant, i.e. 1 year tenancy.

Hence, make sure to use your negotiating skills to your best advantage here and try to place a booking if everything seems right.

(3) Are there any hidden cost? i.e. repairs & maintenance fee

This is a very important question and one that most people tend to forget to ask.

Ask your landlord about their process for submitting a maintenance request, and the cost that will come along with it.

You will need to know who will take responsibility for repairs and whether there are some things you can just handle yourself first and claim later. Say the water heater which came with the house now needs replacing – do you go buy a new one or will your landlord do it?

It will be a permanent fixture in the home to really, your landlord should be the one to fork out the cash for that. Renting a room can seem like an easy ordeal, but even if you have found a perfect place, never forget to clarify on this issue.

Some Helpful Tips

Here’s a tip for Room Rental KL: If the landlord has no clear answer for this question, that’s a sign that they’re either a first-time landlord who’s still learning the ropes or they are just bad at up-keeping their property. Ultimately, you will want someone who will be proactive about making repairs in a timely manner.

(4) What furnishings and appliances that are included?

What is including in your Rental?
What is including in your Rental? @Room Rental KL

This is something that is usually mentioned in room rental KL but it will do you good to also check with the landlord, especially if the ad mentions "partly-furnished".

Which part is furnished?

• This is especially important if you are viewing a property where the outgoing tenant hasn’t moved out yet.

• You need to check which items belong to the landlord and stays with the property and which ones will be removed by the current tenant.

Imagine walking into your new place looking forward to that big bed only to find that it’s not there! Asking this question early on will also help you sort out your budget – do you need to

buy a mattress or a stand fan? Room rental KL will also help you figure out if you are actually financial able to move out right now.


Last but not least, if you’re happy with what you see and you’re ready to rent – make sure you double-check the rental agreement to ensure that everything you have talked about and verbally agreed upon is laid out in the agreement. If there are inconsistencies, don’t be shy to ask for an amended agreement before you sign.

You are feel free to check out the website and

contact them through Facebook or Instagram!



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