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Extra Partition Rooms To Boost Rental Returns

We help homeowners to double their monthly rentals by adding cost-effective partition rooms. 


6017-477 9468

Rooms Designed With Tenants In Mind

With over 3,300 partition rooms experience, we will advise on optimising your space & avoiding common mistakes.

The Correct Sound-Proofing & Partition Method

Using the right material will ensure both safety and a more comfortable experience for your tenants - resulting in a longer stay duration. 

Design For Tenants To Stay Longer

From minimum room size, the width of rooms, soundproofing wall, natural lighting to the quality of furniture, make the most informed decision before deciding!

Durable Furniture For Rental

Not just esthetically pleasing, our furniture is specially sourced with both affordability & durability as priorities.

Electrical & Individual Meter

Our team will ensure that all newly routed wiring is inspected and done by qualified electricians. All rooms will also come with their own personal meter to measure independent electricity usage.

6017-477 9468

Visit Before Commiting!

We invite you for a free visit (physically or virtually) of our partition rooms projects with actual tenants.

Return On Investment - 12 Months

Our no-headache partition rooms bundle will help returns 100% a year.

No-Headache Bundle Package

RM 7,500 / room

- or by individual items - 

Partition Drywall w/ Soundproof & Fireproof Material

All partition walls are filled with insulation material to reduce 30 decibels and provide 4 hours of fire-resistant time. Also come with the door, knob & durable hinges.

RM 1,800 / room

Full Set of Furniture & Curtains!

Each room will come with a free-standing wardrobe, table, chair, divan bed with mattress, and curtains (ventilation fans for rooms without window).

RM 1,900 / room

Electrical - Rewiring of Switches

Not just esthetically pleasing, our furniture is specially sourced with both affordability & durability as priorities.

RM 900 / room

Personal Meter, powered by SplitMeter

The individual meter is the most important element in ensuring a fair environment for tenants. SplitMeter™ is a prepaid wifi meter to remove the need for homeowners to copy and record meter readings. 

RM 549 / room

Electronic & Air-Conditioner

From lights, wall fan, ventilation fan (for windowless room) or air-cond, we got you covered!

RM 2,200 / room

[CY] TR Residence.png

Simple Featured Wall & Decoration

A featured wall makes a difference! So does all cosy little things - sheets, pillows, mini pots, decoration, etc

RM 800 / room

6017-477 9468

#1 Partition Room Expert in KL & Selangor

Our tenants love our partition rooms! Check us out on our social media.

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Whatsapp Us To Get Started!

Tell us about your property

Share with us the exact square feet, layout plan, and you will receive 100% customised advice for your property. 

Our advice

Decide from our simple room partition packages based on a few suggestions & advices.

We will do the work

Room partition works will be completed within 5 to 21 days after commencement.

You are all set for a higher rental!


Join Over 318 Homeowners

A No-Brainer Investment. 12-Months Returns-On-Investment. Join Us Today!

6017-477 9468

Utopia Rental Booster

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