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Utopia @ KLCC Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur

Need to introduction to this iconic location in Kuala Lumpur.

Accessible to KLCC Park for an all-in-one lifestyle.

Enjoy living in the heartbeat of KL without breaking the bank.

At a glance

The Petronas Towers are the perfect allegory for the meteoric rise of the city from tin-miners' hovel to 21st-century metropolis. The 88-storey twin towers are the tallest pair in the world at nearly 452m, Utopia @ KLCC could arguably be the best place to stay, live, experience, and enjoy contemporary Kuala Lumpur.

Nearest Stations

Walkable to LRT Ampang Park & LRT KLCC. Linked to Pavillion via link-bridge.


Premium medium single room. Below RM1000!


Clean and specially curated washroom for a full co-living experience.


Premium large room overlooking the twin towers.

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Image by NordWood Themes

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