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What We Do

Increase Your Property Rental Returns  

We help you get started in your high returns room rental business.

Up to 15% rental yield

ROI of 12-16 months

2 weeks 

transformation period

We Help Property Owners To Get Started In Room Rental Business

Leveraging on our experience as Kuala Lumpur's largest room rental operator, we generate higher rental returns via redesigning empty spaces. 

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Redesign & Optimise Space

We covert empty spaces in your apartment into rooms, increasing the yield and affordability of your home for tenants. 


Technology To Manage Your Room Rental

All homes will be equipped with Wifi Smart Lock as well as Wifi Prepaid E-Meter to enhance control, all from the comfort of your home. 


Budget-Friendly Renovation

As investors ourselves, we understand that expensive interior design to attract tenants makes no financial sense. Thus, we utilities various budget-friendly methods to redesign spaces while keeping investment costs to a fraction. 


Sales & 1-on-1 Technical Support

Our sales and technical support team will be there during the critical initial stage to help you get started and have a headstart in your rental business.