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Powered by insurance, UtopiaProtect delivers the security that landlords need & the affordability tenants seek.

Eliminating Rental Deposits For Good 

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Improve The Way You Rent

Join over 1,800 Landlords in the new way of renting.

Fast, secure, and higher rental returns. 

Affordable for Tenants

By removing high initial fee, UtopiaProtect enables you to rent out your property 6x faster* than your peers! 

*based on internal survey of turnover time of 120 zero-deposit properties

Better Than Deposit

Up to 8x higher coverage than standard 2.5 months deposit. Get insured for damages, unpaid bills, and loss of rental. 

Fast Approval

UtopiaProtect is a seamless one-step submission process. Pick a coverage, upload the tenancy, and you will receive you policy within days. 

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Our Insurer

UtopiaProtect is a joint-venture with MetLife Insurance Co, providing fast and easy claim process.

Our Landlords

Deposits are too expensive. Especially in post-pandemic tenant's market. Not taking deposit, are too risky as well. UtopiaProtect brilliantly solved this.  

Dato' Vicky Vahrun

Vice VP of Meranau Properties 

Finally, it's here! Security deposit insurance or tenancy insurance is well established oversea, and no doubt that this will be the new trend of leasing. 

Sr. Michelle Lum

Property Guru of PropFreedom 

Join over 1,800 Landlords today! 

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