Transforming Room Rental from

Active to a Passive Income

For Landlords who want to boost rental yield & keep 100% of room rental earnings, while keeping everything hassle-free.

Empowered Landlords To: 


Have full control of room-rental property, while keeping 100% of rental income & deposit. 


Reduce vacancies & boost property yield to 8-11%. Easily achieve monthly positive cashflow.


Manage room rental operations without fuss. 

(i.e. no-worry about cleaning, maintenance, advertisement, utilities monitoring)

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Utopia Plus+ Provides: 


Experts consultation on optimising home via sub-dividing spaces, ultra-affordable interior designing, and low-cost furnitures & appliances sourcing. In another word, our experts focus on your property returns.  


Enjoy our most advance marketing methodology. Utopia Plus+ will also assist in marketing & ads to ensure zero to low vacancy time. You will also have your own personalised webpage and free 360° photo-shoot virtual tour! 


All Utopia Plus+ homes are equipped with latest innovation of fire-safety features, digital door lock, individual Wifi electricity meter monitoring system. Utopia Plus+ will also provide backend support: i.e. cleaning, maintenance, emergency point of contact. 


Extended community with thousands of tenants! Utopia tenants (a.k.a Utopians) have hundreds of reason to love us! All Utopian enjoy top-notch cleanliness & quality control, FlexTenancy* & no-fuss living. 

* Tenants are able to move around all Utopia Homes with reasonable notice period without any penalty.

Story Behind Utopia Plus+

As properties prices crept up over the past few years, renting an entire apartment or even a studio apartment is beyond reach for many young workers & millennials. Room renting is the only choice. However, renting by rooms is too much of a hassle for landlords, not to mention taking out the trash, providing cleaning services, sub-dividing the utilities bills, or constant advertising.  

Utopia Plus+ takes this to a different level - to empowered landlords to rent-by-room and we assist in providing affordable, clean and all-taken-care-of rooms for the tenants and take care of all behind-the-scenes mess. 

Our goal is simple, to boost rental income for landlords without the extra hassle, and to provide top-notch rooms for tenants. 

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