Satisfaction Guaranteed
Move-in first, decide later. 
With Utopia 14-Days Guarantee, you can move in first, experience the vibe, and have 14 days full refund period to think about your decision. *
No Hidden Charges
At Utopia, we clearly layout all our fees and charges. There will be no hidden charges applicable during your stay. Think, Hidden Wifi Cost, Air-Conditional Service Charges, Sewerage Bill, Insurance Fees, Repainting Cost.
No Deposit
At Utopia, there is no deposit! You do not have to worry about unreasonable Landlord withholding your deposit.
* Terms and conditions applies.
Move-in / contract fee of RM 300 is non-refundable under any circumstances. Rental & utilities will be prorated according to number of days (i.e. Ali stayed for 8 days, the money-back refund he is eligible is "[Amount Paid] - [RM 300 contact fee] - [8/30 x monthly rental]".