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[Landlord Edu] Install This Simple Meter & Save Up To RM3,500 + 3 Hours Weekly!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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Are you struggling to ask tenants to pay for their electricity? Or worried about runaway tenants that leave behind the unpaid amounts of TNB bills?

Then you probably haven’t found the best solution to end this landlord dilemma.

The truth is: there’s an “ultimate” way for you to manage your rental business easily.

It is known as “Wi-Fi meter” and sometimes called “prepaid electrical meter”.

This magical device is the thing you landlords need to operate your homes seamlessly. No more wasted time, wasted money and most importantly, no more headaches.

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In this article, we’ll be looking at how landlords in Malaysia can manage their rental units effectively and control tenants’ electricity usage wirelessly.

1) Intro to Wi-Fi Meter - All The Basics You Must Know

First things first - how does this prepaid e-meter look like? This is how:

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To start, this digital meter is smart.

It’s an electronic device that records data on electrical energy consumption, current, as well as voltage levels.

Clearly, using this smart Wi-Fi meter is great because tenants can get accurate figures of how much electricity they use monthly and how much that costs.

Thanks to that, tenants can financially prepare and set an exact budget for their utility bills.

For landlords, you can certainly resolve the never-ending issue of late payment or non-payment by your tenants. It’s pretty much a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants.

Smarter control, spot-on info and effortless payment - you can get all these at once by having our prepaid meters in your hands.

Wondering how these prepaid meters look like in your units?

Watch this single-phase meter installation guide video! (Want the Mandarin version? Click here)

Basically, it’s like a prepaid mobile plan. When you’re out of credit, you need to top up to be able to send a text message and call people.

Well, the same goes for this prepaid meter.

If your tenants want their lights, fans and air-cond to work, they must top up first. If they don’t top up, the meters won’t have any credit and electricity won’t flow.

As simple as that.

And the best part of this entire process is that you, landlords, have total authority over your tenants' electricity. Want to know more? Keep scrolling!

2) How Does This Smart Meter Work With Wi-Fi?

How does this prepaid meter work with Wi-Fi?

Simply put, the e-meter mobile app works when the prepaid meter is located near an access point - a wireless network.

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As you can see above, the meters are placed near the Wi-Fi router.

Thus, whenever you want to top up and reload the electricity for your tenants, you will get a stable and fast connection.

So, back to basic - you need an Internet connection for the app to function in real-time. Yup, any type of Internet services or Wi-Fi routers will do.

If tracking your tenants’ utility bills from anywhere has been one of your wildest dreams, try our prepaid Wi-Fi meter today.

Get the prepaid meters and its e-meter app installed and you’re good to go.

3) How Does It Work? - The Simple Process

Not seeing the entire process?

  1. Install the prepaid meter near any Wi-Fi routers - This is essential to ensure you're able to control your tenants' electricity (reload/cut off/reset) in real time.

  2. Download our E-Meter app - Refer to our step-by-step app guide tutorial!

  3. Reload the electricity! - Once you received payment from your tenant, reload the electricity with a few taps in the app.

  4. Done! - Yes - that's all. Only 3 simple steps and you can just control your tenants' electricity from your smartphone.

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Really? It's as easy as that?

Yup, it's nothing complicated at all. If you're someone who prefers analogue devices, do not worry.

Training and help desk is provided at all times. You might surprise yourself later seeing how you can manage everything alone.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the e-meter app:

4) The 5 Ultimate Advantages of the Prepaid Wi-Fi Meter

I know, this is the real reason why you are here - to know the 5 great things you'll miss out on if you don't invest in our prepaid meters.

(A) Prepaid - Tenant Pay First, Use Later

Do you know the average runaway tenant in Malaysia owes around RM3,200 in TNB and water bills?

Yup, many local landlords were outraged to discover how their tenants left them with such a high amount of outstanding bills after they cabut lari.

We feel you. That's why our e-meters run on the prepaid system.

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If you don't pay, your meter won't have any credit, and you won't get any electricity!

Yup, this is undoubtedly a great way to discipline your tenants when it comes to paying bills. With such solid prepaid system, there is literally zero risks of unpaid utility bills!

(B) Cut Electricity Anytime

This is certainly the best part of having these Wi-Fi meters.

If you've been struggling and arguing with tenants from hell who don't want to pay, you can definitely use that to your advantage.

There's a number of options you can click on the app, including recharge, reload, reset and off-power.

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The last button lets you cut off the electricity from flowing to your rental units.

This works for rooms as well.

So, if you rent out a number of rooms, and want to implement individual meters, this Wi-Fi meter works too!

(C) Charge Electricity Rate Based on Your Own Calculation

What else can you get from this prepaid meter?

You can charge the electricity rate based on your own calculation.

The recommended rate would be RM 0.50 cents per kWh, but you have the liberty to charge higher to cover the other related bills.

But, it must be reminded that you're not allowed to resell electricity. However, you can use this method to cover the utility bills including Wi-Fi, water, gas, and etc.

(D) Real-Time Tracking - Monitor Live Usage

Another super feature this smart meter has is the ability to let landlords observe the live usage of electricity by their tenants!

So, just in case if your tenants argue about the amount of usage, you can easily show them their daily electricity consumption based on every hour. Since everything is being tracked in real-time, it's solid evidence!

energy consumption usage daily, per day, malaysia, kWh/day, hourly graph, data on electrical usage in malaysia
Sample of daily electrical usage (source from ResearchGate)

Also, it's better for you to guide them (your tenants) on the details of their electricity usage - how long they use it (air-cond, fan, light) and how much electricity it consumes.

(E) Easy to Install, Cheap to Purchase!

The price starts from RM229 per device, and can save you lots of time and any potential loss of money!

Do your own calculation and you'll see that you can make your money back in a month after installing this e-meter.

Plus, the installation is quick - any electrician can do it. Utopia does provide installation service in Klang Valley, so feel free to get in touch with us.

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Want to Give the Wi-Fi Meter a Try?

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After understanding the basics of Wi-Fi meter, how to operate it, and the 5 advantageous benefits this device has, I'm sure this topic has caught your attention.

All in all, it is substantial that using wireless prepaid meters in your rental business provides you with a lot of promising benefits.

Clearly, this digital device, to an extent, helps to establish your control and authority as a good landlord.

Not only that, considering the current health crisis in our country, being able to do things remotely or online is the best choice you have.

You can manage your tenants' electricity in a more systematic, hassle-free way. It's truly a wonderful technology to invest in especially if you have many rental units under your care.

If you are interested and would love to find out more about this smart meter, feel free to reach out to our team here.

Read about the pricing packages and further info on our prepaid meter on Utopia's website.



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